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Griffin Technology GuitarConnect Cable for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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Our GuitarConnect cable turns your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into the most portable guitar rig/practice room/studio you’ve ever used. Connect the 1/4 cable to your guitar, bass, or keyboard; then open iShred LIVE or other instrument effects app. As quickly as you can tap your Multi-Touch display, our GuitarConnect Cable plugs you into iShred LIVE’s eight-effect pedal board with digital tuner, metronome, and a playalong practice player that allows you to play along with your favorite songs, or practice tricky sections. No need to lug out the amp; no neighbors yelling for you to …turn it DOWN…! Just a super-compact practice rig you can use with your headphones to rock wherever you are, whenever you want. Tuck your iPhone into a pocket and you’re playing without being tied down (excellent for practicing windmills from atop your coffee table). And because our cable provides a standard 1/8 (3.5 mm) stereo-mini jack, you can plug in your headphones, or an AUX cable (we suggest our own excellent Auxiliary Audio Cable) and play into your home stereo, amp, control board, whatever.

  • Heavy-duty 1/4 mono plug connects to your guitar, bass, or keyboard
  • 1/8 (3.5 mm) jack allows you to connect through headphones, amp, or powered speakers
  • 6′ total cable length
  • Designed and built in conjunction with Frontier Design Group, developers of iShred LIVE, iShred, Guitar, and other apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

2 reviews for Griffin Technology GuitarConnect Cable for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

  1. Johny B.

    I bought this to record on my iPad, and it does exactly what it should. I haven’t used it for guitar apps yet, but I have used it on Multitrack DAW which works like a charm. You can plug it into anything with a 1/4 in jack; keyboard, bass, whatever. I even use it to record vocals. So far it has not failed me, but the only thing I don’t like is the fact that the instrument cable is permanently attached, so if it goes bad, the whole thing is garbage. Good construction for weekly use, looks like it will be part of my gig bag for a while…

  2. Rajan

    I had an electric guitar and wanted to learn how to play, but didn’t want to spend an outrageous amount on an amp as even the cheapest amps are at least 40 and sound okay. I have a pretty decent pair of headphones so decided to try this out, and it worked perfectly! I took one star away because the app they advertise doesn’t work on newer devices. I was able to use the Amplitube App with this and it sounded great. I also like that I can now play it without anyone else having to hear it.

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